Announcing Cydea x Good Causes

Friday, 19 March, 2021

Cydea’s plus icon spinning to become a multiplication symbol

Since founding Cydea eighteen months ago our mission has been to bring positive security to the world. Some of that is contributing to open source projects or releasing tools free of charge through From the outset, part of that vision has always been that we will give back as best we can to charities and nonprofits that do amazing things.

We’re fortunate enough now to be in a position to help and so that’s why I’m proud to be launching Cydea x Good Causes.

Charities need our help

These organisations often help the vulnerable or underprivileged in society and many rely on large fundraising databases. That means that they have a lot of (sensitive) personal information that needs protecting.

Depressingly, official statistics show a quarter of charities experienced a cyber security breach in the previous 12 months.

Every pound they spend protecting that information is one less that they can use to make the world a better place.

How will we help?

Through Cydea x Good Causes we will help selected charities and nonprofits in two main ways:

  • Each of our employees will spend at least 5 days every year providing pro-bono advice and help to improve their security postures
  • Making direct grants or payments to support the purchase of security hardware, software and services

To fund this I’m setting aside a portion of every pound that Cydea earns. That means as our business grows, so will the support we give and in turn so to will the compound impact of these good causes.

Who will we help?

This must deliver a real, lasting and positive impact. So initially we will keep it flexible and experiment with what works best for everyone involved.

As a team, we have identified charities and non-profit organisations with 10-200 employees and their own IT that focus on young people or mental health to approach directly and explore how we can help them. (Sorry, no unsolicited applications or pitches at this time, please!)

I can’t wait to get started and for us to be able to share some of their stories and the difference they’re making with you.