Cyber Risk Analysis

Cyber risk is the cornerstone of modern security programmes and decision making. Cyber Risk Analysis from Cydea uses risk quantification techniques to help organisations to make better cyber security decisions.

"I need to understand the cyber risk to my organisation is so I can have confidence that we are doing the right things"

We’ll use data and expert judgement, from our experienced and independently certified cyber security practitioners, to help identify, analyse and evaluate the risk scenarios relevant to your operations.

  • prioritising or align limited security resources to business objectives
  • inform a business case or security improvement programme
  • demonstrate security return on investment

"At every level, the team gave us quantitative, analytical advice, in the moment, ... You enabled us to take the business judgements that cyber security requires you to take." FTSE250 Chief Executive Officer

Structured and tailored approach

Our structured approach aligns to, and is compatible with, the requirements of common industry frameworks – such as NIST, ISO 27005 and ISO 31000 – and follows these phases:

  1. Risk tolerance
  2. Risk identification
  3. Risk analysis
  4. Risk evaluation
  5. Risk treatment

We can scope and scale our engagement to meet your needs, for example on just risk identification as a gap analysis for existing assessments, or stopping short of risk treatment if you have an internal programme team.

We contribute to, and make use of, an open-source project called the Open Information Security Risk Universe through our programme, to ensure that we consider a full spectrum of potential sources of risk, the events that they may lead to, and consequences to the organisation.

Rapid results

Our agile approach to service delivery means that we will deliver results quickly, and then iterate on our assumptions and estimates to refine and improve our analysis. In many cases that means you’ll get insight within our first two-week sprint!


Our quantified approach to cyber risk assessment is beneficial for many reasons, including:

  • Meet legal, regulatory and contract requirements, in a provable way to regulators, shareholders, customers and other stakeholders
  • Enable comparison with other enterprise risks, like financial, operational and compliance risk
  • Identify areas where operational efficiency gains may be found
  • An objective understanding of the cyber risk your organisation faces
  • Confidence that resources are being prioritised in the right areas
  • Security programmes and investments can be justified

Continual improvement

Managing risk is an iterative process and we typically work with clients – like CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, plus CEOs and NEDs – over longer periods of time to deliver real and measurable outcomes, rather than one-off deliverables.

We’re here to help you for the long-term and you can optionally ‘top-up’ your engagement with relevant and clearly scoped support, for example further risk workshops, coaching, analysis support, and improvements to your risk management programme.

Security improvement

We can also help you mobilise projects that help to manage it to an appropriate level or improve the efficiency and resilience where this has been achieved. By measuring the things that matter and ‘closing the loop’ you’re able to make simple, effective justifications on security investment to business stakeholders. Find out more about our security programme management services.